Red Sun Cult

by Red Sun Cult

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oneleggedjedi thumbnail
oneleggedjedi A great rock album with strains of the Blues and a great stoner vibe. Favorite track: Muses.
Crinklechips thumbnail
Crinklechips Great heavy psych/Stoner rock. The songs bleed into each other very pleasingly and I love the retro cover.

The last song 'Ashes' has a riff thats heavier than a politicians wallet! Score! Favorite track: Ashes.
Chibchayan thumbnail
Chibchayan Ufff! Que berraquera de album! :)
keanerbeaner77 thumbnail
keanerbeaner77 Heavy psych rock. Fuzzy, reverberating riffs, washes of sound, and wailing solos. Get lost and rock out. Killer album Favorite track: Ashes.
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky The guitar solos glow like a starlit sky on acid, the fuzzy riffs warm like a garage lined with shag, and the latent punk energy lingers effortlessly taking on the form of the heavy blues dressed in tie-dye. The riffs are endless and the psych factor is immense.
Mike thumbnail
Mike Psychedelic blues rock of optimum consistency, sunbaked and windswept as the sagest desert pilgrim. Favorite track: Below My Grave.
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Recorded and Produced by Red Sun Cult and Johnny M. Leyton at Black Manthra Studio (Cali-Colombia)
Recording Assistant Jean Carlo Vittory Jiménez
Mixed by Johnny M. Leyton at Pleyton Records (Bogotá-Colombia)
Mastered by Jaime Gómez Arellano at Orgone Studios (London-UK)
Art Direction and Album Art by Armando Mesías for Vrasil Studio (Barcelona-Spain)


released February 19, 2016

Chorus by Sara Acero, Johnny M. Leyton, Alejandro Orejuela and Catalina Riascos
Percussion by Alejandro Orejuela and Alejandro Durán
Keyboards by Johnny M. Leyton


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Red Sun Cult Cali, Colombia

RSC is a hard rock band located in Cali-Colombia

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Track Name: Muses
A silent rain is drowning all
The silent world thru the windows, lost in tears
There´s people praying to the skies
But there´s no reason why

Voices of…
muses in my head!
I´m ready to take you
I´m ready to take you home

She says “I´m ready”
She says “I´m ready to take you home” (X2)
Track Name: World of Tomorrow
Welcome this world of tomorrow
Now you´re always on the edge, doomed for life
This a new time of darkness
You can run, but can you hide?

Welcome to this world of science
This is a new world of faith
Welcome to the world of money
Now you´re in the world of tomorrow
Track Name: Blue Song
Just a man dying
Surrounded by ashes
Asleep in this hell
Where everyone has fallen

Please my muse
End this for good

The past promise is lost
Shattered in pieces
I tried to run
Nobody admitted it

So please my muse
End this for good
Track Name: Sudden Blast
You have seen the end
In this sudden blast
Nothing ever lasts
Not even god

Now let me tell you
Now you can rise again

You were looking at the knife
The guilt burns your soul
Why blame yourself?
For being alive?

Now let me tell you
Now you can be free!

Oh let me tell you! (X4)
Track Name: Below My Grave
I was an angel travelling thru the dark
And I could feel my faith disappearing on the way
These mountains are darker than my tears
This silence is deeper than my grief

Listen to the dark!
Listen to the night!
Someone is going down!
Listen to me!

I could see my wings burning down
Another victim on the way
A wrecked man without a dream
Another numb feeding the machine

Listen to the dark!
Listen to the night!
Someone is going down!
Listen to me! (X2)
Track Name: Desert Land
So here you´re standing now
Like you were back then
And there´s a road facing the sun
In this desert land

Desert land!
Desert land! (X2)

Does anyone need a leader?
Or just a gun to take him down
Oh you´ve been in heaven and hell
And you´re ready to show him the end

Desert land!
Desert land! (X2)
Track Name: Underdog
Driving thru this empty town
Your memory returned to me
Now I find myself alone
An underdog on my own
I see you´re done with me
I know you wanted me free
I thought you could save me

And your words are gone now
I didn´t want to loose control
There´s nothing left for me
Merely words that could hear
I just need your memory
The only thing I always need
Is your pretty face to fight this agony

And I thought I´d run from this
It´s a strange world around myself
I know there’s no promised land
Just hollowed road where I stand
Hopes are absent now
This road is mine!
Nothing will ever block my path
Track Name: Ashes
I´m hitting a new road
She smiled at me and then said
“You´re a lucky man, living in the ashes of rock n´roll”
I looked around found no god, found no devil
She grabbed my hand then disappeared

My heart is my only guide
I´ll never see again
She was the only one who understood
A cursed man doesn’t need salvation
I´ll continue on this path
Carry on with a smile now
Decision only mine!

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